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    Company profile

    Guangzhou CHwares E-business Co.,Ltd  insists on  the "people-oriented, pragmatic integrity!"Honesty" is the foundation and "Credit" is the purpose,Pursuing Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Innovation,to realize the win-win relationship between company and customer

    The company's main business are the export of electronic products, clothing, instrumentation and accessories.Domestic e-commerce of instruments and accessories; Instruments and meters, medical equipment and consumables import business, with professional import and export knowledge and rich experience in the talent team. Business scope includes: Internet goods, trade advisory services, instrumentation, medical supplies and equipment, electronic products, clothing and so on.

    Company Service Concept:customer first,Intentions services With professional knowledge, a positive attitude to achieve a win-win situation

    ◆ Resource advantage
         Maintain good cooperative relationship with many manufacturers, agents, distributors and users, and establish a huge network of resource relations.
    ◆ Professional team
         Arrange personnel with relevant experience to specialize in docking, have the ability to deal with emergencies, and be professional in service and earnest in attitude.
    ◆ Clear planning
         From cost budget, contract signing to payment, import declaration, logistics distribution and final acceptance, provide detailed planning and professional advice for customers.
    ◆ Capital strength
         Have a certain capital strength to Provide financial support for honest and reliable customers
    ◆ Background qualification
         Excellent background qualification and many honors
    ◆ Authoritative standard
         Products conform to ISO:17025-2017 and a-stm: e1578-2013 standards

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